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Dyson a ZOMG!!!

Are You Prepared?

Glyalith posted Sep 5, 16

As our team ends it's adventure through the Broken Isles a new adventure will begin in just 2 short weeks! We will begin our decent into the Emerald Nightmare raid! As a team we're looking to get everyone geared up through heroics/mythics over the next 10 days so we can step foot into our first raid ready to go. Please for some of the newer folks familiarize your self with our DKP system. Also, any players that can please donate gold or mats for Potions, Flask, and Food. With prices the way they are now it will be challenging for the guild to provide enough of those things without using all funds on top of repairs. Any and all help will be greatly apperciated! See you all in game! 

Glyalith If you weren't the LOOT MASTER!!!!
Dyson a Less than 1 week in... I realize... I may NOT be prepared? Am I fired?

We're Back!

Glyalith posted Jul 18, 16

Glyalith Tomorrow for DH!
Dyson a Hell yeah! (Did you see what I did there?)