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Mount mania!!

Ossus a posted Apr 18, 14
SoO Glory Run

Orewa I like that I'm so big and off to the right.
Dyson a That's what she said!
Ossus a SoO BIG

We're on Break!

Dyson a posted Mar 22, 14
It's been a good run of SoO 25man, 8/14H a few weeks in a row now, and we're ready for the Spring and Summer break before WOD! With that said, 6+ months of SoO is a long friggin' time, so it feels great to have a break. Hope Blizz can get the new content out sooner next expac.

If you are coming here looking to join our guild, we'll still be interested in your profile for WoD, feel free to message an officer in game (or PM me on the forums) and we can chat. A lot of us will still be playing in alt runs here and there, but also dipping the toe in other games like Wildstar when it comes out!

As for me, in between getting a little WOW in still here and there, I'll be relaxing :)

Ossus a Dam it feels good to be on break! So much to do this week. /sleep /drink /eat lots of food /play Titanfall Dam it fee ...
Effers A picture is worth a thousand words.

Arsdestroyer Something's wrong... I can't see my toon!
Ossus a Yes I did. I wanted to show both our past and our future!
Iouta I see you really wanted to get those two entrances into the picture
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